Yu Feng takes part in the forum of the heads of private enterprises in Shanghai offering advice and suggestions for the development of private economy

On the morning of October 25, Li Qiang, Secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee, chaired a seminar for the leaders of private enterprises. He studied and carried out General Secretary Xi Jinping's series of important instructions on the development of private enterprises, and listened in detail to the development of private enterprises, as well as the opinions and suggestions on the economic and social development of Shanghai and the optimization of the business environment. Li Qiang emphasized thatWe should thoroughly implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions, give full support to the development of private enterprises, do everything possible to cheer up enterprises, solve problems and create a fair competitive market environment. It is hoped that private enterprises will firmly develop confidence, do well and strengthen their main business, continue to promote innovation and flourish in Shanghai.

The deputy secretary and mayor of Shanghai Municipal Committee should attend and speak. Yin Hong, Deputy Secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee, Zhou Bo, Standing Committee Member and Executive Vice Mayor of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee, Zhuge Yujie, Secretary-General of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee, attended.

Private enterprises make important contributions to Shanghai's economic and social development.

At the symposium, Chang Zhaohua of Shanghai Minimally Invasive Medical Devices (Group) Co., Ltd., Tang Liang of Aosheng Group Co., Ltd., Wang Junjin of Shanghai Junyao (Group) Co., Ltd., Guo Guangchang of Fuxing International Co., Ltd., Liu Yongxing of Oriental Hope Group Co., Ltd., Yu Feng of Yunfeng Fund, Shanghai Zhongren Network Security Technology Co., Ltd. Talking about Jianfeng, Jinming of Shanghai Polar Chain Network Technology Co., Ltd., Xu Shilong of Shanghai Harbour Group and Wang Renjie of Shanghai Yiqing Zhijue Automation Technology Co., Ltd.

Yu Feng said in his speech thatAlthough the macro economy is facing many challenges, the capital market has entered a difficult situation, and the pressure of private enterprises on the capital level is very great, Yunfeng still maintains a healthy and good development situation, and has a positive attitude towards the economic prospects of Shanghai and even the whole of China after the transformation and upgrading.In response to the current stage of economic development, Yu Feng also put forward a series of questions.Effectively reduce the cost of enterprises, increase financial support, promote innovative research and development, promote the implementation of specific policy recommendations such as talent.

The leaders of other private enterprises at the meeting also introduced the actual development of enterprises and the main difficulties they are facing, and put forward suggestions on relaxing market access and strengthening the protection of intellectual property rights.

Li Qiang and Ying Yong listened carefully to the records, exchanged and discussed issues of common concern, and fully affirmed the important contribution made by private enterprises in Shanghai to the economic and social development of the whole city. Li Qiang said that the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government have always attached great importance to the healthy development of the private economy and the healthy growth of private entrepreneurs. Suggestions put forward by the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government will be carefully studied and actively adopted to constantly promote work improvement and create a better environment for the development of enterprises.

Effectively solve the outstanding problems faced by the development of private enterprises, and take practical measures.

Li Qiang pointed out thatPrivate enterprises are an indispensable force in Shanghai's economic and social development and an important embodiment of the vitality of the city's economy. In recent years, the development of private enterprises has shown a good momentum, playing an important role in stabilizing growth, promoting innovation, increasing employment and improving people's livelihood.In accordance with the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping, we should implement the central decision-making and deployment, and continue to care about and support the development of private enterprises.At present, the external environment is complex and changeable, so we should solve the outstanding problems faced by the development of private enterprises, take concrete measures to further strengthen the support.

Create a fair competitive market environment and speed up the elimination of explicit implicit barriers.

Li Qiang emphasized that we should do a good job of service guarantee, continue to optimize the business environment, vigorously promote government services "one network for all" and strive to be a "shop two" of service enterprises, and make the business environment an important soft power and core competitiveness of Shanghai.Deep into the grass-roots line, door-to-door listening to the opinions of enterprises, to send charcoal to enterprises, so that enterprises have no alternative to seek development. Welcome enterprises to reflect the actual situation through various channels, help to find problems.It is necessary to carry out the policy well, strengthen the policy implementation, strengthen the policy matching, ensure that the policy is effective, so that enterprises have more sense of acquisition. We should create a fair market environment for competition, sort out the market access situation in all fields, resolutely abolish unreasonable provisions, speed up the elimination of various explicit and implicit thresholds, and strive to achieve equal and fair competition among all types of enterprises.

We must firmly develop confidence and deal with difficulties and challenges with indomitable spirit.

Li Qiang pointed out that at present, Shanghai is speeding up the construction of "five centers", an outstanding global city and a modern international metropolis with world influence to comprehensively enhance the city's energy level and core competitiveness. It is hoped that private enterprises will make joint efforts to achieve greater development and make greater contributions on these big strategies and platforms.We should firmly develop confidence, maintain our development strength, calmly respond to difficulties and challenges with indomitable spirit, and do a good job steadily.We should have strengths and advantages in the main industry, concentrate resources on the main industry, focus on the transformation and upgrading of the main industry, and speed up the advance to the upstream of the industrial chain and value chain. We should firmly follow the road of innovation and development, strengthen the research and development of core technologies, accelerate the transformation and utilization of achievements, and constantly improve the core competitiveness of industries.

Continue to push ahead with tax cuts and fees, and continuously optimize the business environment.

In his speech, Ying Yong pointed out that the non-public sector of the economy as an important part of China's basic economic system, its importance is self-evident; private economy as an important force in Shanghai's economic and social development, its importance to Shanghai's development is self-evident. We should fully implement the decision-making and deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council.We will unswervingly build a new type of "pro-Qing" and "pro-Qing" political and commercial relationship, firmly establish an equal market as the main body, continue to push forward tax cuts and fees, and continue to strive to optimize the business environment.It helps private enterprises to solve practical difficulties and support private enterprises to innovate, upgrade, grow and expand.

Some District Chamber of Commerce and trade associations also attended the forum.