■ Introduction

Established in early 2010 and named after our co-founders Mr. Jack MA (Yun), Co-founder of Alibaba Group, and Mr. David YU (Feng), founder of Target Media, Yunfeng is a private equity firm started by a group of successful entrepreneurs and influential industry leaders. Our goal is not only to provide capital, but also to share with the portfolio companies the experience and lessons learned, helping them to better formulate corporate strategies, optimize organizational structures and establish brand recognition. We focus on nurturing young entrepreneurs with the potential to become the next-generation industry leaders who can build great companies. We currently manage a number of US Dollar Funds, RMB Funds, as well as Special Funds. Our focus sectors include internet, AI,technology, healthcare, media & entertainment, financial services, logistics and consumption. 
Yunfeng Capital is headquartered in Shanghai, with offices in Hong Kong, Beijing, Hangzhou, and other cities of China.